Who We Are

What is Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby is a free community service offered by United Way of Utah County and the Utah County Health Department.

Welcoming a new baby into your home is an overwhelming experience. Like other first-time parents, you are probably experiencing feelings of excitement and anticipation, as well as anxiety and uncertainty. The next few years of your child’s life are very critical, and parents play a vital role in promoting healthy growth and development. Because children don’t come with a user’s manual, parents are left to follow their instincts, rely on previous knowledge, research the answers or ask family and friends for advice. It is definitely a learning experience, but not one that has to be done alone.

Our Mission

We recognize parents’ desire to be the best mothers and fathers they can be. We are here to provide resources to help: current information on parenting, home visitations from experienced nurses or trained parent educators, and increased support for family stability.

Meet the Team

Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

EveryDay Learners Director & Women United Coordinator

Stephanie Anderson is the current EveryDay Learners Director & Women United Coordinator for United Way of Utah County. Before coming to work for United Way she worked as the Ready To Learn Coordinator for KBYU television, she helped develop twelve workshops that focuses on basic child development skills. She is currently an early education trainer for Care About Child Care. Stephanie graduated with her Bachelors in Human Development from Brigham Young University and received her Master's in Early Childhood Education from Arizona State University.

Emily Romney

Emily Romney

Welcome Baby Coordinator

Emily Romney is the current Welcome Baby Coordinator for United Way of Utah County. She volunteered with Welcome Baby as a home visitor for a year before she began her work there, and she is passionate about maternal and infant health. She loves that she gets to develop relationships with parents and children in her community. Additionally, she appreciates that she is able to connect families with resources to help meet their needs. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Public Health from Brigham Young University.