Born Learning Trails

Did you know that learning is happening all the time? For ways to learn together, just look for the Born Learning Trail signs. By playing and exploring with children you help them get ready for success in school and in life. Together, you can turn everyday moments into learning moments. Happy Trails!  

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Hop, Toss, Shake, Wiggle
Get up moving with your child.Games like hopscotch will get children’s brains and bodies moving. Throw a stone onto the stencil painted on the trail. Jump from square to square, skipping the square where the stone landed.

Learn, Watch, Stop, Play
Let your child lead the way. When you follow a child’s lead, his or her curiosity and confidence grow. Watch what your child likes to do. Is he or she playing with other children, following the bugs on the ground or heading for the slide?

Describe, Compare, Learn
Turn simple ideas into learning games. Looking at the world in a new way helps children get ready for reading and math. Look at the shapes on the ground. Ask your child how they are the same and how they are different? Look for other things near the trail with the same shape.

Jump, Clap, Skip, Move
Get your child up and active. Physical activity exercises a child’s body and mind. Pretend to move like an animal. Walk like a duck or jump like a frog. Walk backwards or skip. Can your child do the same thing?

Born Learning Trails have been installed in five public parks in Utah County. Find the closest one to you.
Bicentennial Park (Provo) 1400 S. 1600 E.
Orchard Elementary (Orem) 1035 N. 800 E.
Dry Creek Trail (Payson) West Park at Dry Mountain Park, one block up
Sports Park (Spanish Fork) 295 W. Volunteer Dr. (950 S. Main Street)
Olympic Park (Lehi)1650 N. 2650 W. –Parkside subdivision
IHC DayCare (Provo) 1041 N. 500 W.
IHC DayCare-(American Fork)- South of American Fork Hospital

Born Learning TrailBorn Learning TrailBorn Learning Trail